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Nissan Cabstar Parts

At Billcar, we have been providing 4×4 parts and engine repairs to both trade customers and vehicle owners directly since we were established in 1981. On the whole, we are able to recondition both petrol and diesel engines to a range of vehicles, including passengers, commercial and light vehicles. We are industry-leading specialists in Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Isuzu engine repairs, reconditioning and engine modifications. In addition, we can conduct a chassis treatment to tackle and prevent rust spreading.

To detail are a line of engine part products for the Nissan Cabstar, we’ll start with the ACL main shells/bearings – these are used to reduce friction between moving parts, thereby reducing heat production. We stock injectors, which use nozzle and value to spray fuel into the combustion chamber. We provide D40 Single crank gears, as well as the bolts to connect pistons to crankshafts, together form a mechanism that acts as a kind of arm, converting a reciprocating motion into a rotating motion.

We supply the F24m turbocharger, which increases the internal combustion engine’s power output, by guiding additional air into the combustion chamber, thereby improving the engine’s efficiency. The head gasket seals the cylinders in an engine to increase compression and avoid leakage, for which we are also able to provide bolts, as well as an inlet turbo gasket. Valve springs can be used to hold valves closed within the cylinder. Valves in an engine act as they do within the human body, controlling passages of fluid in one direction, and at Billcar, you can buy Nissan D40 D40/R51/F24 EGR valves. Lastly, we also supply thermostats, enabling you to regulate the temperature.

For commercial truck parts and accessories at great prices, look no further than Billcar. To keep your vehicle in the best condition, and make your drives go smoothly, browse our website, or contact us for more details. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, which is why we offer returns within 28 days provided the items are unused and in original packaging. Most of our products are available online, but if you would like more specific information, call us on 01743 291740, or email us at

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