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Mitsubishi may no longer be selling cars in the UK, but owners can still rely on us for parts supply and first-class service!  When in need of Mitsubishi parts Shrewsbury drivers can give us a call, and we will respond using our extensive network of new and used parts suppliers.  Trust us to keep you motoring.

Motorists from the Shrewsbury area know they can come to Billcar for reliable and conscientious servicing of their vehicles.  While we specialise in commercial vehicles and 4x4s, we can provide parts and undertake repairs on any type of vehicle from any manufacturer.  In uncertain economic times, when even some of the world’s largest companies are being affected by various difficulties, it’s good to know there is a local garage who can offer the support you need to keep your car on the road.

When buying a car, many drivers think it’s important to choose a product from a manufacturer they trust.  The badge on the front of your vehicle says a lot, and can stand for dependability, luxury, or prestige.  During the 1970s, when Japanese cars first began to become a common sight on UK roads, the badges of companies like Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Datsun (now Nissan) stood for reliability.  Many British and European cars of the era suffered from reliability problems, and some weren’t particularly well built.  These Japanese imports showed motorists that even small family cars could be reliable and convenient to run, and that you didn’t have to buy a premium model to drive a car you could depend on.

Since those days, many drivers have stayed loyal to the brands they remember fondly.  Meanwhile, newer drivers have been drawn to Mitsubishi products by their more recent models.  The SUV boom of the last couple of decades has been good for the company, with the Shogun and Outlander models impressing many family car drivers and off-road enthusiasts.  The Mitsubishi accessories Shrewsbury suppliers offer have made it possible to customise these all-terrain models in order to make them even more useful as work vehicles or recreational toys.  Meanwhile, the L200 has continued the company’s strong presence in the four-wheel-drive pickup market.  With a steady supply of Mitsubishi spare parts Shrewsbury farmers, tradespeople, and other commercial users have kept their good old L200s running and reliably earning their keep.

Astute business choices have historically allowed Mitsubishi to offer their products at competitive prices, by using shared technology and parts programs to drive down manufacturing costs.  For example, some parts of their cars may feature components which are also used in Nissans, Renaults, and other brands.  This means that when searching for Mitsubishi engine parts Shrewsbury customers have a better chance of finding the items they need to repair and maintain their vehicle at a reasonable price.  At Billcar, we have many years experience in tracking down the parts you need, so make us your first call when your car needs attention.

Unfortunately, times have been tough for Mitsubishi, and the company have decided to stop selling cars in the UK.  But committed customers have no need to worry, with the support of a professional and experienced garage team, you will likely be able to get many more years’ service out of your existing car.  We understand when customers have an attachment to a particular vehicle, and we want to help.  For quality motor servicing and MOTs, including the supply of new and used Mitsubishi spares, Shrewsbury drivers can contact Billcar today.

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