Intercooler Pipe

Intercooler Pipe Modifier Kit

(Intercooler turbo boost pipe modification kit is fitted to a Euro 4 D40)

Here at Billcar, we offer a full range of automotive services and products as well as MOTs for vehicles from class IV to class VII. As part of our range of maintenance products, we provide customers in Shrewsbury with Intercooler Turbo Boost Pipe Modification Kits for improved turbo performance.

Intercoolers facilitate the process of combustion in the turbo system. The turbo system has cold pipes that feed the dense, cold air through the intercooler and into the engine, and hot pipes that remove hot air after combustion. The intercooler system in your vehicle can be altered and upgraded using an Intercooler Turbo Boost Pipe Modification Kit for hot and cold pipes.

Intercooler Pipe Modification Kits transform your driving experience and prevent issues with heat. By fitting one of these kits, your vehicle will benefit from greater power and acceleration response and will have smoother acceleration and faster spool up. At Billcar, we can provide Hot Pipe and Cold Pipe Modification Kits to suit your vehicle in Shrewsbury. We stock Euro 3, 4, 5 Hot Pipe and Cold Pipe Modification Kits, and our team of friendly advisors can help you find the right kit for your vehicle. We also stock the V6 Navara Hot Pipe Kits for Nissan Navara owners.

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