Mechanics Shrewsbury

A Full Range of Services from Shrewsbury Mechanics

Here at Billcar, we aim to provide all the vehicle services our customers need under one roof.  We have over 35 years of experience to fall back on, and during this time we have seen many things change in the industry.  Who could have foreseen, all those years ago, that almost every aspect of a car’s operation would come to be controlled by computers, right down to the engine?  We have moved with the times, and are proud to offer a range of engine remapping options to Shrewsbury motorists.  MOT tests, too, have changed and now cover more aspects of your vehicle’s operation than ever.

Other things remain just as they always were.  If you want to get the best out of your motor, keeping on top of the repairs and booking it in for regular services is essential.  Here too, Billcar are ready to help – so why not contact us today and see what we can do to enhance your motoring experience?

Car Service Shrewsbury

Regularly having your car serviced by a reputable service centre is the best thing you can do for your vehicle.  Motors which have been consistently serviced in accord with the manufacturer’s recommendations are far more likely to give long and trouble free service and are more likely to fetch a high price when they are sold on.  Cars with no service history, on the other hand, are always a gamble, and many buyers won’t even consider them.

Car Repairs Shrewsbury

It’s more important than ever to keep your car in a good state of repair.  Faults in the engine, brakes, and other systems could make it dangerous to drive, while using your vehicle with damaged bodywork could lead to you being pulled over by the police.  Call us as soon as your car develops a fault, and we’ll have you back on the road in no time.

Engine Remapping Shrewsbury

‘Map’ is the term used for the computer program which controls the engine of a modern car, and ‘remapping’ is the process of changing that program to alter the way the car drives.  We offer three different remapping services:

Economy Remapping will make Shrewsbury vehicles more fuel efficient, however, you are unlikely to notice much difference in performance – until you get to the pump!

Power Remapping does what the name suggests, it makes your car more powerful, and therefore faster!

Balanced Remapping.  Shrewsbury motorists like this one, it sets up the engine to use less fuel but also give a boost of power when you need it.

MOT Garages Shrewsbury

It is a legal requirement to have your car tested every twelve months, so come to our Shrewsbury MOT centre and treat your vehicle to the service it deserves.  After all, if you look after your car well, it will look after you.  Whether you are looking for a full engine remap, some repair work or just a cheap MOT Shrewsbury based Billcar can help.