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MOT Services

Getting Your MOT Today

Here at Billcar, we provide MOT services in Shrewsbury for vehicles between class 4 and 7. But did you know that earlier this year there were changes to the MOT test? Back in May 2018, there were many changes. Today we will cover some of the major changes that are now in place when you get your MOT today.

Defect Categories

When your vehicle comes in for an MOT, we will categorise any defects found as minor, major, or dangerous. It is paramount that all these defects are recorded. If your vehicle is found to have any major defects or dangerous defects then this will result in it failing the MOT test. A dangerous defect means that it has a direct and immediate risk to road safety or environmental impact and you are unable to drive the vehicle until it is repaired. A major defect would also require an immediate repair as it may affect your vehicle’s safety, putting others on the road at risk, and also could have an impact on the environment. Whilst minor defects mean you would still pass the MOT test, you should see to any necessary repairs as soon as possible despite there not being a significant effect on the safety of the vehicle or environment. You may also receive defects that are marked as advisory, which require monitoring in case future repairs are required. A pass is considered the minimum legal standard, and the only way you can make sure it continues to meet this standard is to keep getting your MOT test when required by law.

The New Inspection Manual

Other than the layout changing from landscape to portrait, there are many changes, with an increase in different sections. There are a whole range of additional test items that have been introduced to this new manual, including brake fluid contamination, front fog lamps, noise suppression material, and more. There have also been some changes with what is considered a major defect, with some now moving to the minor category.

Diesel Vehicle Emission Limits

Likely due to growing concerns on the environment, global warming, and reducing our carbon footprint, there are now harsher limits for emissions for those with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). This information will depend on the year when your vehicle was first used, whether it is turbo or non-turbo, and the plate value.

Additional Points

There are many more changes that were made to MOT tests, including vehicle categories, and how these relate to their class and definition. For further information on this topic, visit the government website for full details.

Contact Us

If you would like to make an enquiry about out MOT tests or any other services, simply complete our contact form, or get in touch via email at You can also call us on either our landline on 01743291740 or our mobile on 07971063469 to speak to a member of the team directly. We will be pleased to help you with your questions.

Commercial Light Vehicle Repairs

Commercial Light Vehicle Repairs

Commercial Vehicle Repairs

Whether you have a fleet of light goods vehicles or your personal trusty van supports you in your self employed one man business, your van is important to you.  Regardless of your work ethic, your determination and resourcefulness, or the level of trust your customers place in you, without your tools of the trade you have lost your livelihood.  People often quote the old adage ‘a bad workman blames his tools’, but is that always true?  Another proverb states that you should ‘always use the right tools for the job’, and in the case of carrying large quantities of products, materials, equipment and tools, how would you manage it without suitable commercial vehicle repairs keeping you on the road to meet the demand upon your services.

Anybody that has ever had to leave a vehicle in the hands of a mechanic, while waiting for parts and accessories to arrive before any work can commence, will know the frustration it brings.  This is made all the more difficult when you have time constraints and deadlines to meet.  At Billcar, we know what it is like to have people relying on you to deliver, and we understand your desire to meet the needs of your customers. As a company that offers commercial vehicle repairs we too work in a time-sensitive business, and we aim to be reliable and offer you a satisfactory service.

Our family run business provides commercial truck parts and accessories for the Nissan Cabstar and the Renault Trafic, with a 28 day returns service policy available if the need arises.  A lot of products are available for order online, but in the event, you want to talk to someone then please feel free to speak to us in person. You may feel the need to contact us directly if you require the parts quickly, however, we also deliver via a 24-hour courier service as we recognise most commercial vehicle repairs need to be completed as soon as possible.

As commercial trucks generally cover a lot of miles, regular repairs are a common feature in business.  However, the shrewd business owner also recognises the need for regular servicing as well as keeping up to date with any maintenance and MOT tests.  This will inevitably reduce the amount of frustration and stress that unforeseen breakdowns can cause you because at the end of the day ‘time is money’.  Billcar offer MOT’s on private and commercial vehicles up to a class 7.  This includes any vehicles that have a weight limit of 3500kg.  As the goods that these vehicles carry are large and heavy loads, the needs and specifications differ from other vehicle classes for MOT’s.

Billcar can also offer you a reconditioning service for your commercial light goods vehicles.  If you run and own a fleet of vans and trucks then arrangements can be made to help you keep your vehicles and business in the best condition possible.  Please check out the website today