Your Local Commercial Light Vehicle Repairs Garage

Commercial Light Vehicle Repairs

Your Local Commercial Light Vehicle Repairs Garage

There was a time when most people bought all they needed from their corner shops, and products from foreign lands carried a huge premium which made them unobtainable to most people.  But through advances in technology and industrial progress, many of us think nothing of receiving parcels from abroad on a weekly or even daily basis.  Sometimes, it’s worth taking a minute to pause and think about the huge infrastructure which has developed to bring us all kinds of goods, within such short timescales.

On the front line of this international operation are the delivery drivers, parcel handlers and white van men and women who operate at all hours and in all conditions to bring us the things we want on time.  Make no mistake, this is a demanding and high-pressure role, and to succeed in the job takes resourcefulness and dedication.

Many delivery professionals from Shropshire and the surrounding areas rely on Billcar commercial light vehicle repairs garage in Shrewsbury to keep their vehicles in top condition and ready to embark on an urgent delivery run at a moment’s notice.  When a delivery van is broken down, it doesn’t matter whether the problem is a blown engine or a flat battery – that vehicle is going nowhere.  That’s why parcel delivery drivers rely on us to provide a thorough and conscientious commercial light vehicle repairs service, to keep them on the road.

Of course, it isn’t just parcel drivers who rely on their vans for their livelihoods.  Tradespeople, builders, engineers and minibus drivers also know where to come for commercial light vehicle repairs in Shrewsbury.  With over thirty-five years’ experience, we are a family owned and operated business with a goal of offering affordable and reliable service to every customer.  We try to get professionals and sole traders back on the road the same day whenever possible, because we know just how much you rely on your vehicle.

Prevention is better than cure, and to this end Billcar also offer a full range of servicing and maintenance options for our customers.  More than just a commercial light vehicle repairs garage, we can remap your engine, recharge your air conditioning, perform MOT inspections and look after your family car too.  When you chose Billcar as your first call vehicle maintenance centre, you’re choosing a complete solution to the demands of vehicle ownership.  Whatever issues your van or car may be facing, get in touch with our team as soon as you notice a problem and we’ll do everything we can to keep you on the road.

It seems like running a vehicle is becoming ever more expensive, but at Billcar we are always on a mission to keep costs low.  From keeping an extensive stock of quality used spare parts to sourcing new parts from alternative suppliers, trust us to find you the best deal when you need commercial light vehicle repairs.  When your customers depend on you and your vehicle, rest assured you can depend on us.