Commercial Light Vehicle Repairs Garage

Commercial Light Vehicle Repairs

Commercial Light Vehicle Repairs Garage

From oil changes and air filter replacements to bodywork and electrical repairs, van and truck drivers need somewhere reliable to turn for commercial light vehicle repairs.  There are many options available to car drivers when it comes to having their vehicles fixed, but some of these garages are not set up to accommodate the needs of the drivers of commercial vehicles.

For one thing, having your truck or van fixed and back on the road is a matter of great urgency when you are trying to run a business, being without your van for a long time, is simply not an option.  Even if a courtesy vehicle is supplied, it may not prove suitable for your requirements in terms of size or features.

Getting the right parts for trucks and vans can be more difficult than people realise, especially when immediate repairs are needed.  Some models of commercial vehicles are produced in different factories, or even in different countries, than cars bearing the same brand name.  To provide prompt and effective service, your commercial light vehicle repairs garage must be familiar with locating the right parts for your trucks and vans from the correct suppliers, and having them delivered on time. After years of working with parts supply chains, you can be sure we can locate just what you need to help get your van back on the road.

Billcar of Walford Heath is a commercial light vehicle repairs garage that Shrewsbury drivers turn to for prompt service and expertise in dealing with all kinds of repairs to small and large vans, pickup trucks, and other light commercial vehicles.

The other issue drivers of work vehicles sometimes face in the course of keeping their businesses on the road is finding a reliable service centre to perform their annual MOT inspection.  The MOT test is a legal requirement of operating a vehicle on the road, and is especially important for delivery vehicles due to the high mileages they cover and the large loads they can sometimes carry.  At Billcar, we perform MOTs for all vehicles in classes 4 to 7 which includes light commercial vehicles.

If your vehicle needs replacement parts before it can pass its MOT, you need a company you can rely on, who can source and fit the required parts as quickly as possible. Take advantage of our excellent parts network by having your MOT performed here at Billcar.  We can often repair MOT failures and have them retested the very next day.

With over thirty-five years’ experience, we are a family owned and operated business with a goal of offering affordable and reliable service to every customer. More than just a commercial light vehicle repairs garage, we can remap your engine, recharge your air conditioning, perform MOT inspections and look after your family car too.

For all kinds of commercial vehicle repairsContact us directly to book repairs or an MOT for your truck or van.