All About Our MOT Tests

MOT Services in Shrewsbury

All About Our MOT Tests

Here at Billcar, we provide our services to both trade customers and directly to vehicle owners. We stock and obtain various spare parts, so that when we inspect vehicles and offer repairs and replacements, we have everything we need. As part of our services, we also offer customers MOT tests, which we are focussing our attention towards today.

What is an MOT Test?

MOT stands for ‘Ministry of Transport’ and refers to the annual test for safety and exhaust emissions of motor vehicles in the UK. If the test is completed to a satisfactory level, the vehicle passes and the owner benefits from the MOT certificate, which certifies that it is legal to drive. If your vehicle is over three years old, it is required to show its roadworthiness through this testing. The name is actually derived from a government department that no longer exists, but the term is still in official use.

About MOT Certificates

The MOT test certificates are issues under the umbrella of the DVSA – Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. This certificate will confirm that at the time of the test, the vehicle has met the minimum environmental and road safety standards that are acceptable. This only covers the vehicle for that year, which is why it must be completed on an annual basis.

About MOT Tests

Throughout the MOT test, it is necessary to test the following aspects of the vehicle: exhaust and emissions, seats and seat belts, steering wheel, windscreen, bonnet catch, horn, number plate, lights, brakes, tyres and wheels, mirrors, doors, suspension, fuel system, plus the body and structure. A set criterion is used to judge overall whether it is possible to pass or fail the vehicle, following the guidelines issued by the DVSA. If the vehicle fails the MOT test, it is possible for it to be tested again once any repairs and maintenance work is complete, but this must be carried out within 10 working days.

Why MOT Tests are Important

Put simply, MOT tests are a legal requirement in the UK, so they need to be carried out annually to ensure that you are driving legally. Not only for this reason are MOT tests important, but also because they are there to make sure that you, your passengers and others on the road are all as safe as possible.

MOT Tests at Billcar

In order to gain a legitimate MOT certificate, it is necessary to get your vehicle tested by an authorised vehicle repair garage such as Billcar. By doing this, it ensures that we meet the minimal criteria set out by the government within the VT01 form. We are also able to help your vehicle pass the MOT by making repairs and replacing any necessary parts. 

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